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The act of joining together or being joined together.

About Us

The dictionary states that union is the act or fact of joining together or being joined together. At Union Creative Company, we join things together. Things like challenges and solutions, objectives with accomplishments. We’ll pair efforts with results. We’ll match your situation with our skills and abilities. We unite clients with success. If you haven’t done so already, check out some of our work and then drop us a line.


We’re proud to offer a number of services right in house. Our goal is to tailor solutions to each individual client that we have the privilege of working with. Below are some details about our services and our approach to them.


Union offers a full suite of web design and development services to make sure you stay competitive with your web presence. We’ll help find the solution that fits your business, whether that’s a custom site design or a WordPress theme that we modify to meet your needs. We can also help with hosting and domain name registrations.


Union offers an all inclusive design approach to your brand. Before the pen ever touches the paper, we’ll make sure we know everything we can about your company; its history, clients, corporate ideology and culture. We’ll make sure we ‘get you’ before working on a strategy. 


We go way beyond offset and paper. In addition to offering the standard brochure, newsletter, and business card design packages, Union also designs for large format printing, vinyl vehicle wraps, banner stands, packaging, documents and more. We’ll can also source out printing for you to make sure you get the best price and turnaround.


Video can be a powerful tool for creating a first impression. With no other medium can you simultaneously leverage words, images & music; you have the ability to create an emotional experience for the viewer. So  whether it’s a full 1080p HD video, animated info-graphics, 3D modelling/artwork or just simply some different video spots for your website, Union can get it done.


Stock audio can work on a tight budget, but there’s nothing more embarrassing than hearing the same audio track you’ve purchased being used in a toilet paper commercial. And buying the rights to audio can be expensive. At Union we have full recording and editing capabilities and are excited to offer custom song and arrangement services. If you can’t seem to find that perfect jingle to complete your project, why not create it?


Often stock image sites can provide a quick image solution for websites or brochures. But for those occasions when you need a specific shot, we can make it happen. Think about when you need photographs of certain people or proprietary products for your project. With Union, we can keep it all under one roof.


Check out some of the work we’ve done for our clients. As always, feel free to contact us directly if you wish to see additional work.

Have you heard?

Whether you’re a singer/songwriter looking for writing & production help or a Fortune 500 company in need of a jingle – we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our tracks.



We were referred to Jeremy from a trusted expert in the field. Jeremy took the time to find out what our needs were. He presented us with a quote and honored it. We were thrilled with Jeremy's work, and in fact he exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with Jeremy on our next project.

Terri Mazik

Union Creative has been our go-to creative design firm for over three years. Simply, they get who we are, where we are going and what we want to be. That's not easy in the leading edge futuristic world of graphene application development. We're a global brand thanks to Union Creative.

Chester Burtt



302 Kippen Place
Ottawa, ON
Canada K2J 0N9

(613) 851-6805

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